Smart Contract Audit & Dapps Development

Byte Detective is part of the Kronobit Networks Blockchain, specializing in blockchain technology development, audits, KYC / Doxx / and the new option called KdT " Know Development Team"

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Pay your services with KNB or GSYS and save $75.00 on audits!


Our team has extensive experience writing secure smart contracts. We carry out Audit and development of smart contracts with the aim of improving the quality of writing, verifying security, as well as protecting smart contracts and projects against hacking on any EVM compatible blockchain. For developers of decentralized applications, security must be their main objective. Auditing smart contract codes is an important first step to protect decentralized applications and is not enough to ensure DApp security. Smart contract audits cover only one layer of the blockchain ecosystem and completely ignore external applications that the contract may interact with. This means that they are woefully inadequate for assessing the true vulnerability of a DApp. We check for all of these vulnerabilities and more, both manually and using automated scanning tools to ensure the integrity of your application. We also offer the following services: Development of custom smart contracts, Dapps, upon request and much more... Contact us for a personalized evaluation and quote.

Frequently Asking Question’s

Audit can be published by default on our channels, official Github account, however we can make it private in case of your disclosure policy..
Yes, you can publish the report made by us in your channels & Social Media according to your disclosure policy.
The price for the audit of a smart contract start from $500 (1-2 days) and does not depend on the number of the lines in the code and complexity of the contract. Fast Audit start from $700 (4-6 hours). The price for "Know Your Customer" (KYC) is $250. The price for "Know Your Dev Team" (KDt) is $500. For Dapps Development please contact us for quote.
We accept USDT, BUSD, BNB, TRX, Matic in BEP20, KNB from Kronobit Networks & Gsys Fron Gchain on July!
Standard audit (from $500) will be ready within 1 up to 2 days. Fast Audit (from $700) will be ready within 4-6 hours.
We carry out manual line by line and automatics tools audits for each contract, Web pages and Projects.
Yes, you can order smart contract development & Dapps by request and support from us. To clarify the cost quote, contact us!.
Yes, We have a blockchain construction services " PoA, PoW, Pos & Dpos" Evm compatible blockchains, contact us for Quote.